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Furniture and Home Accessories Line

Because elegance is not limited to fashion wear, Noora Heritage House launched a line for furniture and home accessories. Elegant heritage touches are added to home designs. Because as they say ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ the products in this line are elegantly basic whether in terms of accessories or furniture. The products involve a combination of colors and fabrics and are hand-embroidered. As a place specialized in heritage, we help our customers add a Palestinian touch to the design of their homes through our unique products.


Embroidery coach

Embroidery coach

900.0 $

Embroidery Table lamp

Embroidery Table lamp, Wood base, 220 watt

200.0 $

Embroidery Table lamp and cushion

Embroidery Table lamp ,Wood base, 220 watt Embroidery cushion size is 20*30 CM

300.0 $