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About Us
  • Noora Abdeen\Khalifeh

    Founder and Designer Director


Our Story…

Noora Heritage House Focused on bright colored embroidery, the tribal chic one of a kind pieces of clothes and accessories are handcrafted by Noora Abdeen/Khalifeh. Noora Heritage House uses ancient embroidery textiles and craftsmanship to create modern trend , creating designs merging eastern and western sensibilities and encouraging the talent from the community.


 Supporting the community

Noora Heritage House was born to support stitching communities and their talented work worldwide.We support these communities by creating jobs ,knowledge and opportunities for work among these women in the hopes of contributing to their well-being, standard of living and purchasing power.



Palestinian designer Noora Abdeen/Khalifeh was born in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Her inspiration has always been derived from her unique handmade designs and from the combination between her love for her ancient Palestinian heritage and contemporary designs fashioned into beautiful and harmonious art where the past meets the present; art that challenges all the traditional standard criteria inviting anyone that sees it to delve into a new dimension of non-traditional and beautiful designs.
• Noora followed her passion and established her own trademark “Noora Heritage House” as a distinguished Palestinian hallmark.
• Palestinian designer Noora Abdeen- Khalifeh was able to produce free designs with an authentic personal character attracting fashion lovers with their colors and spirit. The designs are meant to be a symbol of the Palestinian cause with all its components, making a statement about the elegance of a nation while always creating free-spirit and avant-garde clothing and jewelry designs.
• Noora likes innovation through experimentation and setting new fashion trends.
• Noora’s talent and her love for Palestinian heritage embroidery work and unique non-traditional fabrics in addition to contemporary fashion have gained her an eye for all the intricate and smallest details
in producing fashion, clothing, and jewelry, eventually encouraging her to enter the
world of fashion design.
• Noora’s objective is to contribute effectively towards changing the traditional stereotypical way of thinking about the Palestinian heritage and to create a fusion between the historic aesthetics of Palestinian.